Certification of Performance of Radiation Shielding

To whom
Contractors and radiation facility designers

Ensure the safety of personnel through engineering control systems with verified performance.

Technical Information about the service

Radiation facilities use engineering controls such as leaded doors, lead glasses and thick concrete walls. To assure their performance with regulatory recommendations, a verification of the performance is required. Especially, lead thickness in lead doors, attenuation in lead glasses shall be appropriately certified as they are mostly imported as finished products. Safety barriers with insufficient shielding can be hazardous for both workers and the public. The Radiation Protection & Technical Services Division offers performance verification service to assure the performance of these safety systems are compatible with the requirement.

Charges/cost estimation process

Depends on the complexity and scope of the job

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Ms. Nirasha Rathnaweera
Ext : 124
E mail: nirasha@aeb.gov.lk