Gross Alpha Beta measurement


Radioactive analysis by measuring the total radiation emitted as Alpha rays (Gross Alpha) and total radiation emitted as Beta rays (Gross Beta) and identification of radioactive elements emitting alpha radiation using alpha spectroscopy, in materials such water, vegetation and soil, weather it is of artificial, industrial or natural environmental. 

Targeted groups

The testing service is mainly targeted to serve,

Ø  commercial bottled water industry for testing water for alpha and beta
radiation that is harmful to the human body, for certification as a regulatory

Ø  various industries discharging waste water after treatment to certify
its content of elements emitting alpha and beta radiation as a regulatory

Ø  food industries for testing of harmful constituents emitting alpha and
beta radiation as regulatory requirement in local as well as foreign markets

Ø  Industries processing minerals, raw materials and value-added
materials for testing alpha and beta emitting radioactive materials.

Ø  We also serve the research and development activities of various
groups for assessing gross alpha, gross beta and alpha radionuclide
identification of water, soil, vegetation and air samples.


Two tests are performed and the service are given separately

  1. Gross Alpha Beta analysis using Canberra+MirrioniSolo
    gross alpha beta analyser for low levels of radiation. Final results in
    certificate indicate gross alpha and gross beta
  2. Alpha Spectroscopy test using Canberra+Mirrion
    Alpha Analyst,
    performed for in-depth analysis of radiation to
    identify alpha ray emitting elements in samples with high levels of


Service charges are per sample basis. Separate charges for Gross Alpha
Beta and Alpha Spectroscopy services. Addition charges may be levied for
sampling services upon client request.

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    Contacts of Service Master

Ms. Thiwanka Weerakkody,
Scientific Officer ,
+9411 2533427,