Ion Chromatography

Ion chromatography (IC) is well established and accurate method in chemical analysis, widely used for identifying ions, both cation and anions in water. The Isotope Hydrology Section of SLAEB is now ready to serve customers with its simple and high-performance ion chromatograph; Shimadzu Prominence HIC-NS by a dedicated team of scientists.
• Non-suppressor system offers both simplicity and performance.
• Dual Flow-Line Analysis System simultaneously measures anions and cations.
• Shim-Pack IC columns performs better ionic separation for analysis of cations (Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+& Ca2+) and anions (F-, Cl-, NO2-, Br-, NO3-, PO43- and SO42-)

Water samples should be filtered in-situ with 0.45 m membranes and collected in to clean and dry HPDE bottles with the volume of 250 ml. Rinsing of bottles 2-3 times from the filtered sample is recommended. No acid preservation is required for the analysis by particular IC system and samples should be kept refrigerated (at 40C) until analysis. They are further filtered in the laboratory by 0.2 m membrane, before the analysis in IC.


Depends on the number of samples, number of parameters to be evaluated, sample collection procedure etc

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