This training program will be beneficial for NDT personnel, quality assurance / quality control inspectors, technicians, welders, engineers and surveyors in the industrial fields such as metal fabrication, aerospace, oil refinery and petrochemical, ship building/repair and many other construction and manufacturing industries.
Scope of the NDT Training Course:
• General knowledge
• Physical principles of the test
• Equipment- radiation sources
• Photographic and non-photographic recording
• Work parameters and conditions
• Defectology
• Selection of techniques
• Codes, standards, specifications and procedures
• Personal safety and radiation protection
• Special applications
• Recording and interpretation of results
• Practical sessions

Examination will be conducted by the “Certification Body for NDT, Sri Lanka (CBNDT)” as per the ISO 9712:2012.

Training course fee may depend on the number of participants. For more details please check the brochure.

    Required Qualifications

Applicants shall have completed ISO Level 2 training course in Radiographic Testing

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    Contact Course Coordinator

Name : Miss. Sapna Fernando
Tel: 011 2987854-6
Ext. 341
Fax: 011 2987851
E-mail :