Water Isotopes Analysis

Liquid Water Isotope Analyzers (LWIA) are commonly known as Laser Mass Spectrometers. They provide measurements of δ18O, δ17O and δ2H of water in liquid (including wines) and discrete vapor samples with unsurpassed performance. The LWIA is ideal for a wide variety of hydrological, analytical, and biological applications that involve measurements of fresh water, seawater, and other liquids. Stable water isotopes are commonly used in Sri Lanka to find the origin & recharge mechanism of groundwater, surface water-groundwater interactions, sea water intrusion, mixing of different aquifers, leakage/seepage investigations of dams & reservoirs, variation of rainfall etc… Isotope Hydrology Section of SLAEB is facilitated with two LWIAs by LGR (V2) and Picarro (L2130-i).

No filtration and preservation are needed for water samples. Double capped PE bottles (30-50 ml) are recommended for sampling. Sample bottles must be filled slowly with water up to the top to minimize the air bubbles inside and then they should be capped tightly to avoid any evaporation until analysis. Samples can be stored in a dark place in room temperature even for months. If available, Providing of Electrical Conductivity value of each water sample separately is encouraged.


Depends on the number of samples, number of parameters to be evaluated, sample collection procedure etc

  • Samples could be handed over to Isotope Hydrology Section at SLAEB during office hrs.
  • Submitting Electrical Conductivity (EC) values of the water samples are encouraged

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Scientific Officer
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