Radioactive Waste Management Service

To whom
Users of Radioactive material, Waste Management Agencies

Ensure the safety of personnel and security of radioactive sources

Technical Information about the service

Radioactive wastes are managed either in the user’s facility or Central Disused Radioactive Sources Storage (CDRSS) of the SLAEB. Generally, short-lived radioactive material such as Iodine-131, Technitium-99m, and wastewater from hospitals (where nuclear medicine is practised) are managed on-site. The RPTSD provide technical consultancy services to design methods and facilities for the on-site management of these waste. Apart from this, for long-lived radioisotopes, the CDRSS offers long-term/permanent storage facilities until repatriation or safe disposal.

Also, for the radioactive material in category I and II, the CDRSS provides temporary storage facilities during transportation.

Charges/cost estimation process

Based on the category of the Radioactive material and the size (including the shield). Additional charges may apply based on the condition of the material

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