Training for Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs)

Name of the Training

Advanced Training Course on Radiation Protection for Radiation Protection Officers

To Whom?

The objective of this Training Program is to provide advance technical knowledge on Radiation Protection to develop Radiation Protection Culture to the persons who are working or expect to work as Radiation Protection Officer.

Topics covered by the course are,

  • Essential Safety Requirements and Legal Framework
  • Radiation Protection Measures
  • Implementation of Individual Monitoring Program
  • QA/QC of Radiation Protection Instruments
  • Management to Radioactive Sources
  • Applications: Low risk practices
  • Applications: Interventional Radiology
  • Applications: Therapeutic Radiology
  • Applications: Nuclear Medicine
  • Role of a Radiation Protection Officer
  • Development of Radiation Protection Program
  • Development of Emergency Response Plan


    Required Qualifications

Radiation Protection Officers Radiation Workers, Any interested party who followed the Training Course on Basic Radiation Protection.

    Application Form

    Contact Course Coordinator

Name: Nirasha Rathnaweera
Act. Deputy Director (Industrial Application)
Tel : 0112533427/428 Ext. 124
Mobile : 077-0626337
E Mail :