XRF Analysis


Multi-elemental analysis of materials and objects using X-Ray Fluorescence technique (XRF). The test results of the service could be useful in fulfilling local or international regulatory requirements or for further analysis and modifications of the items.

Target groups

The main target groups of this service are

  • Metal and alloy industries,
  • Gem and mineral industries,
  • Import and export of raw and value-added materials,
  • Manufacturing and productions businesses where quality casting of final products is of interest
  • Archaeological research and
  • Various Research and Development.


The X-Ray Fluorescence technique is based on exposing the sample under test to low energy X-ray radiation to unveil its elemental composition. Being a non-destructive testing, the specimen in test is not disintegrated and therefore is ideal for precious samples that are needed be intact after test. It is both qualitative as well as quantitative analysis, capable of quantifying individual elements at parts per million (ppm) scale.


The tests are charged per sample for a list of elements. The charges for portable XRF field test depend on the complexity of the job, travel and other costs.