What can be done with RADI-Count Kit?

RADI-Count Kit can be used for following Experiments & Demonstrations:

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What is RADI-Count?

RADI-Count is a specifically designed nuclear detection and measuring instrument for educational demonstrations. It is a product of years long instrumentation researches at the Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory (NIL) of SLAEB. It is the first nuclear electronic instrument ever developed in the country. It is presented as a complete educational tool for tertiary and advance educational institutes to perform a number of experiments in nuclear physics. It is consisted of a digital scalar unit, a GM probe, a source chamber and a PC software module. The system can count the number of radiation bursts appear in a sample within a given time period. Each device is calibrated for low-energy gamma at the accredited secondary standard dosimetry laboratory of SLAEB. Hence, the device is ISO/IEC compatible.

Why RADI-Count?

Unlike the traditional manual GM counter units, RADI-Count is a user-friendly, digital device.It is comparatively inexpensive than the imported systems and the repairing and maintenance is easier. The convenient user-interface offers a flexible, highly simplified operation without secondary mathematical calculations. In order to enhance the exposure to the practical nuclear physics, RADI-Count offers a set of internationally formulated demonstrations and experiments. Since the SLAEB is a local institute, after sale services, operator training and transport will be rapid and highly cost effective.