Training for Radiation Workers-ta

Name of the Training

Training Course on Basic Radiation Protection with hands-on experience on protection components

To whom

Every person working with Ionization Radiation in Medical, Agricultural, Industrial, and Research facilities should have a basic knowledge of Radiation Protection to avoid/minimize unwarranted exposure to ionizing radiation. The objective of this Training Program is to provide Basic Radiation Protection knowledge with hands-on experience to the persons who are working or expect to work with ionization radiation.

This three-day training course is specially designed for any person who interested in the radiation protection field without having any basic knowledge in the field. Also, it is a good opportunity for radiation workers to refresh their knowledge.

Topics covered by the course are,

  • Introduction to Radiation
  • Radiation Measurements
  • Health Effects of Radiation
  • Radiation Protection
  • Selecting & Handling Radiation Protection Instruments


    Contacts of Service Master

Name: Nirasha Rathnaweera
Act. Deputy Director (Technical Development & Services)
Tel : 0112533427/428 Ext. 124
Mobile : 077-0626337
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